2-Way Radios

What does every business have in common? – The desire to increase productivity.

What is the first element you need to increase productivity? – The ability to communicate efficiently with your team.

In today’s world, everything is wireless and two-way radios are now more sophisticated than ever. Whether you need to communicate with a small staff in a warehouse or multiple locations the across the country; a two-way radio system will allow you the ability to keep everyone on the same page at the press of a button.

From production pressures in manufacturing to safety concerns in education to the customer service demands in hospitality, there is a diverse list of issues challenging every organization’s operations today. What connects these diverse industries and organizations are their needs and priorities when addressing critical mobile communications solutions. With today's increasingly distributed and remote mobile workforce, there is a great need to connect these workers with high-performance and cost-effective solutions. The technology options available to organizations to address their communications needs are as broad as they have ever been.

Whether coordinating large scale rescue and evacuation efforts in a major disaster or simply ensuring the family gets out and organized safely, two-way radios provide that much needed communication no matter the situation. Since radios do not rely on landlines they can be up and running immediately in an emergency. They work when disasters have knocked out other communication methods. They provide the ever-important link in disaster situations. From professional rescuers to families and businesses, quality two-way radios are an essential part of a good disaster preparedness plan.

What differentiates Texas Radios from our competition is our dedication to keeping our customers happy. Too many companies in today’s world will sell a customer a product and forget about the customer after the sale or cut corners during an installation. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction. 

Texas Radios has the ability to design any radio system with far more superior coverage than our competition at a lower cost which is why we believe in “try it before you buy it” so please feel free to request a demo regardless of the scale of your operations.


  • Digital/Analog Portable RadiosDigital/Analog Portable Radios
  • Digital/Analog Repeater RadiosDigital/Analog Repeater Radios
  • Custom Designed Radio SystemsCustom Designed Radio Systems
  • Vehicle Radio InstallsVehicle Installed Radio
  • CAD Radio Systems CAD Dispatch Radio Systems
  • Rental Radio System Temporary Site Digital Radio System


Communications is a vital part of all organizations Texas Radios, LLC understands communications and the needs for it, let Texas Radios help your organization stay connected. Feel free to request a demo.

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