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Texas Radios product offerings are used in many different industries. Our extensive product offering in these numerous industries demonstrates our customers' confidence in choosing Texas Radios products. Texas Radios can offer customized solutions to meet your specific industry needs.

Below are a few of the products offered for your specific industry. Email or call to discuss your specific needs.

  • 2-Way Radios
  • Distributed antenna system (DAS)
  • 2-Way Radio Dispatch
  • Emergency Notification Systems (ENS)
  • Point to Point Microwave (PTP)
  • 2-Way Radio Repeater Systems

At a glance.


2-Way Radios

Digital or analog radio to radio, or radio to repeater programming.

DAS Distributed antenna system

Provides wireless service within a geographic area or structure.


Increased coverage range compared to handheld units.

ENS Public address system

Incoming warnings can be a variety live or prerecorded audio.

PTP Point to Point Microwave

Wireless backhaul, high capacity & reliability .

Repeater Systems

Increased coverage area, digital or analog programming.

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