System Design & Engineering

System Design Engineering

Every project is different, but our mindset is consistent. Our approach allows us to be flexible, partnering with customers from start-to-finish projects or applying our expertise into certain points along the way. With more than 25 years experience, we can support customers in all industries.

Our design and engineering services cover

Onsite radio to radio coverage solutions.

Repeater radio coverage solutions.

Telemetry radio solutions.

Wireless Broadband solutions.

Point to Point Microwave solutions.

Point to Multipoint Microwave.

Automation solutions.

Dispatch solutions.

Emergency Notification solutions.

GPS and asset tracking solutions.

DAS system solutions.

SCADA solutions.

RF propagation studies.

Our Process

- Site evaluation

- Facility audit

- Planning

- Preparation of concept design

- Design audit

- Detailed design

- Setup and Staging

- Site installation

- System optimization and verification

- Customer sign-off

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